Matlab expects decimal point as the decimal separator while some devices and country environments use decimal comma which necesarily confuses the built in routines.
There is a relatively easy trick to get around this without triming the data in a text editor before readinf them.
% open the file
cline=fgetl(fvd); % one or more header lines are read and used or discharted
slines=fread(fvd,'*char'); % read the rest as one big character array
slines(slines==',')='.'; % change commas (if any) for points
xiv=sscanf(slines,'%f'); % decode the result array e.g. as floats
[nd2 dum]=size(xiv); % find the size
xiv=reshape(xiv,2,nd2/2)'; % and reshape it e.g. when two columns are expected
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